liz asked 1 year ago

I would like to clarify what is expected based on the task outlined in both the email and attached document.

  1. The document specifies that we are to develop a “Better for you” children’s soft drink – does the name of the drink have to be “Better for you”, and does it have to be a soft drink?

2. How in-depth are the product design and specifications expected to be? Also, will we be expected to discuss manufacturing of the product?

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MCC Schools Team Staff answered 1 year ago

We have just sent out a general answer to some of these questions to all participants which said:

“The case includes information to teams about ‘The Challenge At Hand’ (what teams should recommend and what questions to answer). Teams should aim to address all aspects raised in The Challenge at Hand. Teams may recommend proposals that differ from Frucor’s requests, but they should justify their alternative.”

In regards to your questions:

  1. “Better for you” refers to the concept of the drink being healthier not the name of the drink. As per our answer above, you may choose to recommend a different drink, provided you justify your alternative.
  2. Try use the questions in the ‘The Challenge at Hand’ section to help inform what you focus on in your proposal. You won’t be required to have in-depth knowledge of how the product will be manufactured.