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For year 12-13 students, we have a senior division. This division is for students with some business, economics and finance knowledge who are at the senior level of their secondary studies.

In 2021, we are excited to continue to host junior division for students in Year 10-11. Don’t have much business knowledge? No problem. Sign up with your friends, and be in for an amazing experience!

The competition this year will take place from 11th of June to 9th of July.

The competition would have an updated format that will involve teams tackling 2 business cases. The preliminary round will be adjudicated based on a business report. The Finals will involve a live, online presentation for a new business case.

Our Prize Pool has expanded!

Winners of each division: $600 cash prize

Runner-up of each division: $400 cash prize

There are also individual spot prizes up for grabs!

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